Jersson González and Néider Morantes lead the ranking of the best free-kick collectors in Colombia, in short tournaments.

May is progressing and we still don’t know when buy colombia soccer jersey will be back. The coronavirus pandemic forced the ball to stop and it is not yet known what date it will roll again. While it is true that some teams have already resumed their training, the authorities warn that there are still no guarantees to replay.

Taking advantage of the fact that these days there is no sporting activity, the newspaper ‘MARCA’ of Spain has published an eye-catching ranking. This is the top 10 free-kick collectors in Colombia in short tournaments. In other words, only goals scored between 2002 and 2020 are taken into account.

As it is, the listing is led by Jersson González. Cali’s American idol scored 22 still ball in Colombian football. Behind him are Néider Morantes (21 tantos) and Giovanni Hernandez (18 so many), completing the podium. Funny that it’s three fliers that take the top three spots.

The ‘top 5’ of the best executors of Colombian football are joined by Rodrigo Marangoni (15 so many) and Anthony Tapia (15 so many). Considering that Colombia players frequently change gear, it has excelled in the ranking of the club with which the most free-kick goals scored each footballer.


1. Jersson González (America of Cali) 22 goals
2. Néider Morantes (Envigado FC) 21 goals
3. Giovanni Hernandez (Atlético Junior) 18 goals
4. Rodrigo Marangoni (Sports Tolima) 15 goals
5. Anthony Tapia (Boyacá Chicó) 15 goals
6. Gerardo Bedoya (Millionaires FC) 14 goals
7. Milton Rodriguez (Deportivo Cali) 14 goals
8. Jhon Montaño (Union Magdalena) 13 goals
9. Juan Valencia (Independiente Medellin) 13 goals
10. Emar Pérez (Independiente Santa Fe) 13 goals.


In football, a free kick is a way to resume the game after a foul. The ball must be stationary when the charge is made and the executor will not be able to touch the ball again before another player does.

In a free kick a barrier is placed at 9.15 meters (10 yards) from where the ball is located, the number of players that make up the barrier will be the one chosen by the goalkeeper. Direct free kick is a direct throw to the goal of the opposing team, unlike an indirect free kick, in which a pass-to-pass charge must be made.

To prevent players on the defense barrier from shortening by small steps the distance that averages the shooter— and thus harms it— the referee can point to the correct regulatory estrangement by using an evanescent spray.

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