Ferguson, Michels and Cruijff lead the ranking of the best coaches in football history, according to ‘Four Four Two’ magazine.

May is progressing and we still don’t know when football shirts uk cheap will be back. The coronavirus pandemic forced the ball to stop and it is not yet known what date it will roll again. While it is true that some teams have already resumed their training, the authorities warn that there are still no guarantees to replay.

Taking advantage of the no sporting activity these days, the prestigious magazine ‘Four Four Two’ has published a new ranking. This is the top 100 coaches in football history. The director of the British magazine wanted to celebrate for all the years that the first edition came to light 26 years ago, in 1994.

Generally speaking, the list is commanded by Sir Alex Ferguson. The Scottish coach, winner of 49 titles, is considered the greatest coach of all time. Below him are the Dutch Rinus Michels (winner of 14 titles) and Johan Cruyff (winner of 14 titles), completing the podium.

If you look at the nationalities of strategists, Europe is (with nine) the continent with the most representatives in the ‘top 10’; only one South American appears on the list (The Argentine Helenio Herrera). As for countries, Scotland is (with three) the one that contributes the most; followed by the Netherlands with two. Here are the top ten:


1. Alexander Ferguson (Scotland) 49 titles
2. Marinus Michels (Netherlands) 14 titles
3. Johannes Cruijff (Netherlands) 14 titles
4. William Shankly (Scotland) 10 titles
5. Josep Guardiola (Spain) 29 titles
6. Arrigo Sacchi (Italy) 9 titles
7. Matthew Busby (Scotland) 13 titles
8. Helenio Herrera (Argentina) 16 titles
9. Ernst Happel (Austria) 16 titles
10. Valeri Lobanovski (Ukraine) 36 titles.

This is the second week in a row in which ‘Four Four Two’ magazine surprises the world with its rankings. A few days ago he also published the list of the 25 best football players in the last 25 years. In both scales, various factors such as transcendity, collective titles and individual awards, among others, have been taken into account.

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