Ronald Koeman confessed that he hopes one day to be the coach Azulgrana, but that for now he will continue to fulfill his commitment to the Netherlands national team.

The Dutch stratwea has made headlines again in world football. This time it is by account of an interview given to the newspaper ‘MARCA’ of Spain, in which he revealed that his dream is to be the coach of Barcelona. These were Koeman’s words:


“They called me and said no, because of my commitment to the selection of my country, After two years there is a possibility to follow, I have 2 and 2, that is that after the Euro is the time to evaluate. Two years for each tournament. I can’t leave Holland three months before a competition.

No, I don’t think it was a bad time. The thing is, I have my reasons for Holland. Barcelona can always win important things, has very good players and the options of being able to sign the best footballers. If I’d been out of work, of course, everybody likes Barca.

It doesn’t matter when you’re at or the situation you’re going through. There, in Barcelona, I lived my best stage as a footballer and I am very fond of the city. So hopefully I can one day be coach of the blue team.”


‘It’s important that you play matches, but you can argue if you do it in your position. In Holland, he plays further back but we do it with two pivots, and in Barca he plays only with one and two midfielders, or sometimes with four midfielders.

The position he now holds is different from Holland and Ajax. So he learns to play higher, it’s not all negative, but it’s not his best position. For me, it’s further back, that’s where I think I’d have better performance.”


“I am a coach who always thinks more about having the ball than defending, but defending is part of football and must be done. I’m more realistic than many Dutch. In my career at Ajax or PSV we achieved good results against stronger teams, even if we did not always maintain our ways.

I like to play from behind but you see so many problems to some outfits when the opposite presses, they lose the ball and goal against. In the end it depends on which players you have and the opposite. Sometimes you have to play the ball long.

In Holland we are changing a little, because we always produce talents and work very well the quarry but we must pay more attention in the physical and in defending, otherwise we are not going to win many things. Now, everyone wants to be in the national team and before not so much. I love Italians: I see them how they feel their anthem. We’re almost the opposite.

Before, there were quite a few criticisms because we didn’t qualify and people lost a bit faith and interest in the national team, but now not, especially since the players are proving that they are proud to play for Holland.”

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