Rio Ferdinand believes the Premier League should be eliminated, because he sees no way to end the season without compromising health.

The former English defender has made headlines again in world football. This time it is on behalf of an interview with the ‘Sky Sports’ channel in England, in which he proposed to leave Liverpool untitled. These were Ferdinand’s controversial words:

“I think the Premier League should be eliminated. I know there are a lot of Liverpool fans who say, oh, Rio, you say that because you played for Manchester United. But it has nothing to do with it. I just don’t see a way to end the season without compromising health. It’s as simple as that.

All those conversations about empty stadium matches, the players will be there. Or are they sometimes not part of society? This just doesn’t feel right. There will also need to be security personnel in the stadiums, so they take risks again. It’s about life and death. Football isn’t that important. We all love this game, but when things like this come up, you should always prioritize people’s health

When the entire health situation has been resolved, a new season will begin with a clean slate and is void this season. It’s a shame for the hard work that’s been done. People in the world of football have invested a lot in it: physically, mentally and economically. But this is bigger than football.”

Is Ferdinand’s proposal unfair?

When English football executives decided to stop the Premier League, 29 days had been played. Liverpool led solo with 82 points and a historic 25-unit lead over Manchester City, which was second.

Although Klopp’s team had been going through their worst moment in recent seasons, it was a matter of a couple more dates to be crowned champion. So invalidating the championship would be a very unfair thing. Especially for a group that has never won the Premier League and has not been in the England first division since 1990.

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