However, the Croatian steering wheel not only surprises with its performance on the pitch, it also does so off it. This has been demonstrated during the last hours in which he gave an interview to the croatian sports newspaper ‘Sportske Novosti’, to review football news. Modric spoke of his technicians, the titles and a possible exit from the club. I’ll leave you with his statements.

The skilled Croatian midfielder felt that he is very happy in Spain, to the point that he wants to retire wearing the white shirt.One of the players that has been known to remain in the starting team of Real Madrid during this transition of coaches is Luka Modric. Real Madrid cheap shirt 2019 Ex-Tottenham gained the trust of Ancelotti, from Benitez and now with Zidane has been ratified as one of the best in the world in his position.

Rafa Benitez: “We weren’t doing well for what’s expected of Madrid and what happened is inevitable in a club like this. Everyone has their own opinion, I don’t think we were physically ready. Since the pre-season, because we traveled a lot and we didn’t have time to train, it’s a problem because then you can’t catch up.”

Zinedine Zidane: “The first year of Ancelotti was great and with Zidane too. Now it’s different, it has its own ideas and its ways of implanting them, it’s just the beginning but it’s clear that it wants the compact lines, that we’re close to the opponent and let’s push up when we lose the ball to get it back fast.”Spanish League: cheap replica football shirts “It is frustrating not to have won it, we were close in battle but we lost opportunities and that helped Barcelona and Atl├ętico, we must observe us, not the rest. This championship is long and we still have our own path.”

Champions League: “There are three main favourites, Bayern, Barcelona and us, and then PSG or City. We will have to have a high level to pass against Rome.”Injuries: “Now I feel good, I’ve had shape ups and downs but the muscles are fine. I am not afraid, for a long time I follow a special plan, one week a month, a stretching and stabilization program.”

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