Cristiano, Ronaldo, Neymar junior and Lionel Messi lead soccer players to the top of the rankings on the Internet.
Social networks have changed the world. Good and bad, football is no stranger to this trend. Thanks to these digital platforms, amateurs can now keep in touch with their favorite players and teams.
There are various types of social networks: video, image and text networks. But the four most popular and used are fake replica football kits instagram, Facebook and twitter. It is on these three platforms that the goal portal focuses on establishing a ranking of the football players with the most fans in the world.

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Overall, the list is led by Portuguese speaking Ronaldo and has 432.1 million fans. In addition, CR7 is the most popular player in every network. Behind them are Brazilian teenager Neymar, 245.6 million fans, Argentina Lionel Messi, 245.3 million fans, who completed the podium.
Colombian James Rodriguez joined forces with 95.3 million supporters and Welsh Gareth Barr with 88.5 million supporters. The difference between Juventus’ celestial bodies and others on the list is huge. It should also be noted that the captain of Barcelona is the only one without twitter.

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