When to file China trademark oppositon?

If you find the publication from CNIPA, there is one similar trademark is applied, you need to file trademark opposition to stop its application.
Who can file it?
In China, anybody can file it, most cases, the original owner will file oppositon to similar registration which will be published in market soon.

How long time you have to file oppositon?
You only have 3 months to file opposition, if miss this time, you will lose the time to do it.

What steps will happen for opposition usually?

Firstly, you or your agent file an opposition
After your opposition is filed, the CNIPA will forward the opposition evidence to the opposed party and request the opposed party to reply within 30 days from receipt of the notification.

The opposed party has an additional three-month period to provide the evidence. The CNIPA will not forward the evidence filed by the opposed party to the opponent (You) for arguments. Instead, the CNIPA will make a decision on opposition directly.

Secondly, CNIPA give you final decision
If you won in the oppositon dicision, the opposed mark will be refused, You will do nothing at all. the opposed part have right to file a review with the TRAB within 15 days from receipt of the decision. You will have to wait more days for final decision.

Lastly, you will get final solution.

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